What does Jason do?

Sometimes I just get a blank expression when people find out I work as a full-time Freelance Musician, Artist and Writer (!). These are just some of the things I do throughout the working week.


You can find out more and examples of my work by exploring the tabs above.

I work as a Pianist and Organist throughout the UK including performing, accompanying and recording


I teach Piano, Organ and Music Theory from beginners to University/Conservatoire level

I conduct choirs, musically direct shows and other ensembles. This includes running choral based workshops for children and adults.

I compose original music and sound design for a variety of projects and organisations on a commission basis

I publish a wide-variety of educational music through MusicWings Publishing Ltd

I arrange music for a variety of ensembles, organisations and project

 I consult professionally for arts and music-based organisations

I write articles, blogs and other online-offline content

I am completing MA in Education at UCL

I complete MOUNTAINS of paper work, emails, phone calls, social media updating, attend Zoom meetings and administer all of the above in whatever

form that takes!

It's safe to say that every week is extremely busy :-)

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