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I am hoping to find out how choral professionals have adapted to continue delivering choral-based education projects throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope to understand more about how these different practices and methodologies may be opportunistic for choral education in the longer-term.

This study is under approval of the Institute of Education of UCL; which is ranked as the world’s number one institute of education for six years running in the latest QS World University Ranking by Subject.

I would be thrilled if you agreed to be part of this research. This information sheet aims to answer any questions you might have about the research. If you do need to know anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at any point.


Who is conducting the research?

My name is Jason Hawkins and I work as a Freelance Musician, Writer and Educator – I have previously worked for high-profile clients including the BBC and Halle Concerts Society. As part of my freelancing portfolio, I work as Choral Director, Choral Animateur and Musical Director and for a variety of organisations in classical, musical theatre and schooling settings. Alongside this, I am also a MA in Education student at University College London. This research will form the final part of my MA programme and constitutes the dissertation phase. 

One of my primary research interests is differing choral education pedagogical approaches. 


Why are you doing this research?

I am completing this research for my dissertation to fulfil the requirements for my MA in Education degree. The reason behind choosing this topic is to explore differing approaches within choral education during the COVID-19 and how these may be opportunistic for choral education in the future. 

Why am I being invited to take part?

I am aiming to collect data from choral professionals leading a variety of different choral-based groups throughout the UK. This is from Choral Societies to Musical Theatre and other singing-based community organisations. This is to get a broad representative of the varying choral bodies and traditions throughout the UK. 

 What will happen if I choose to take part? 

I will ask you to complete a short SurveyMonkey-based questionnaire. Your responses will then be completely anonymised. Following this, all responses will be analysed via thematic analysis and appropriate conclusions drawn. There are three strands of data in this study, these questionnaires, specific, one-to-one MS-teams-based interviews and a literature review.  

Please note it is choral-education methodologies that are being evaluated and their future uses and not you as an individual or the organisation you belong to. 

 I will then invite you to be debriefed via email and once completed, the research will be shared with you. 

Will anyone know that I have been involved?

Only myself and my supervisor (if appropriate). All raw questionnaire data will be destroyed once the dissertation has been completed. All responses will be anonymised, and names of any individual participants will not be published or shared within the research. Raw data will not be shared with any external research parties during and/or after the research process.

Would I experience any problems if I choose to take part?

There will be no physical or emotional harmed caused by conducting this research although as a precaution the following assurances are made:

If any participants have any concerns or worries, they can approach myself at, my supervisor, Emma Jones, or any member of the wider UCL body. 
All participants have a right to end their involvement at any point during the research process even after providing consent. Non-involvement or withdrawing from the study at any point will not affect any future professional relationships.

Please note it is choral-education methodologies that are being evaluated and their future uses and not you as an individual or the organisation you belong to. 


What will happen to the results of the research?

Through this research I will producing my MA dissertation which will be submitted to the Institute of Education at UCL on or before the 1st November 2020. Once my MA dissertation is approved by UCL all raw data will be destroyed. The results from the research will be shared with all participants and published for the academic community. 

Any information contributed will remain secure guaranteeing all participants’ right of privacy and freedom of information.

Do you have to take part?

It is entirely up to you whether you want to take part in the research or not. I hope it will be a valuable, educational experience. If you choose not to take part, it will not affect any future professional relationships. Similarly, you can withdraw from the study at any point and can also request that data relating to previous participation be destroyed. Participation in this research is totally voluntary. 


In carrying out research participants' privacy must be respected. I will follow UCL guidance on this. For more information, please visit this website:"

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this information.

 If you have any further questions before you decide whether to take part, you can reach me at

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