Washing-up #eBay

I can hear my wife's weary sighs as I scroll through eBay once again. I won't ever understand her complete abstinence of enthusiasm for electronics (or gadgets of any description?) Seriously? What's not fascinating about 3-ohm miniature speakers, rolls of new copper wire, miniature MIDI circuitry or a 2nd hand amplifier? Well. I'm sure you share my enthusiasm. There will be some contact microphones on the way soon - if only there was an accurate emoji for my excitement. It just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have to get my soldering iron out!

Over the last few months I have started putting this beautiful obsession into more relevant practice. Old decrepit components including pre-SATA hard drives have been flung far and wide across eBay (are you starting to see the cycle?) to sourcing reclaimed, 2nd (or sometimes even 4th) hand and brand-new components to upgrade my home music studio. The journey is a thrill, from the initial research to the bidding/buying through to installing and dredging through the endless problems. Sometimes, particularly in the case of a recent MIDI controller ‘adventure’, the dredge ended up being scraping the bottom of the Huddersfield Narrow! It’s all worth it though, the creative musical possibilities that these components allow is just breath-taking.

Since January, I have been be working on a sound installation exploring mental health. This installation which, for the record, doesn’t just contain electronics…. there’s glass! After this challenging and utterly heart-breaking time I hope to be able to share more about the project and the journey I have been on whilst creating it.

Well, I have just logged on to eBay with excitement, there are auctions of mine that are just about to end. Hopefully, more people will have bid for one of my old studio components. Perhaps these will help other musicians to unleash their creative potential in London, Manchester or Edinburgh?

Anyhow, I better had stop typing before my wife becomes despondent for my abstinence of enthusiasm for washing-up. Seriously? What would you rather be doing: de-greasing a grill pan or soldering 3-ohm miniature speakers to circuity?

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