What does Jason do?

Sometimes I just get a blank expression when people find out I work as a full-time Freelance Musician (!). These are just some of the things I do throughout the working week. You can find out more and examples of my work through the tabs above. 

I work as a Pianist and Organist throughout the UK including performing, accompanying and recording


I teach Piano, Organ and Music Theory from beginners to University/Conservatoire level

I conduct Choirs, Musically Direct Shows and other ensembles. This includes running Choral based workshops for children and adults.

I compose music and sound design for a variety of projects and organisations on a commission basis

I publish a wide-variety of educational music through MusicWings Publishing Ltd

I arrange music for a variety of ensembles, organisations and project

 I consult professionally for arts and music-based organisations

I write articles, blogs and other online-offline content

I am completing a MA in Education at UCL and from October a Doctorate in Education at The University of Sheffield.

I complete MOUNTAINS of paper work, emails, phone calls, social media updating and administration of the above in whatever form that takes!